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Hypnosis is simply a state of mental focus and concentration. In this pleasant state, you become highly suggestible and receptive to new thoughts and ideas. It is not sleep. In fact, in hypnosis, you are actually very aware, alert, and highly suggestible. You can hear everything and you are always in complete control.

The mind is made up of two significant parts - the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is used for decision making, analyzing, rationalizing, temporary memory, and will power. Things you have seen, heard or experienced are stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls our automatic behavior...those habits, feelings, thoughts, and actions that just occur spontaneously and seem so hard to control. It may seem very difficult to eliminate a lifelong habit, fear, or even bad feeling. That is because the conscious and subconscious minds are often in conflict; when this occurs, the subconscious mind usually wins. Through the proper and skillful use of hypnotic techniques, it is actually quite easy to effect permanent change. By quieting your conscious mind and allowing access to your subconscious mind we are able to focus your mind on a new idea that you are willing to accept. You receive helpful and beneficial suggestions which enable you to achieve positive changes easily. This works because you actually change your mind. Before going though the hypnotic process you may desire certain things which are not necessarily good for you. After accepting positive suggestions in hypnosis, you simply lose your desire for those old, useless thoughts or things, and change the way you perceive them. You become extremely empowered and feel great.